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1999-02: NFB:AE Philosophy

Whereas, the National Federation of the Blind: Advocates for Equality (NFB:AE) was established as an organization without share capital under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act with the following objectives embodied in its Letters Patent:

The objects of the Corporation are:

  1. To serve as a vehicle for self improvement by the blind and for public education about blindness throughout the dominion of Canada.
  2. To function as a mechanism through which the blind and interested sighted persons can come together in local, provincial, and national meetings to plan and carry out programs to improve the quality of life for the blind.
  3. To provide a means by which blind adults can share their experience and act as mentors for blind children and support parents in their efforts to improve educational opportunities for blind children.
  4. To create a climate through public education to increase opportunities for blind people in employment and social integration.
  5. To take any other action similar to those above which will improve the overall condition and standard of living of the blind;" and

Whereas, the NFB:AE must always be an open, inclusive, membership-driven organization that respects and welcomes new and diverse ideas; and

Whereas, the NFB:AE will project a positive view of blindness in all of its activities and publications; and

Whereas, the NFB:AE believes in working co-operatively with other equality-seeking organizations in an effort to achieve its objectives;

Now, therefore, be it resolved:

  1. The members of the NFB:AE affirm the NFB:AE is an autonomous Canadian organization "of" persons who are blind, partially-sighted, deaf-blind and others who share our cause.
  2. The NFB:AE will pursue the best interests of its members through the development of made in Canada solutions to issues and problems that take into account the unique political, social, economic and judicial systems within Canada;
  3. All major policy decisions will be made at membership meetings held within Canada;
  4. NFB:AE members believe in a membership driven style of leadership where leaders are sensitive to, consult with, and take their direction from the membership. Leaders should be good listeners and good advocates;
  5. As NFB:AE members we take our rights and responsibilities seriously. We will not tolerate being discriminated against by any corporations, governments or other entities because we are blind or otherwise vision impaired;
  6. NFB:AE members believe that blindness is only one characteristic of an individual's overall being;
  7. NFB:AE members believe that, with appropriate training, education, and reasonable accommodation, individuals who are blind or otherwise vision impaired can function successfully in the community and can compete effectively in the workplace;
  8. NFB:AE members expect the provision of information in various alternative formats--as a right, and not a "special need"--and that this right should be universally recognized.
  9. The NFB:AE will draw on the experience of our colleagues in other groups of blind and otherwise vision impaired consumers outside of Canada whenever their approaches are likely to be applicable to the unique Canadian context.


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