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1999-03: Proxy Voting

Whereas the current bylaws of the NFB:AE restrict the voting at national conventions to those active members present at the meeting; and

Whereas many active members wishing to exercise their votes at the annual convention are prevented from so doing by economic and or other factors; and

Whereas active members residing near the location of the annual general meeting have significant advantages as to the exercise of their democratic rights;

Be it resolved that the President of the NFB:AE strike a special enfranchisement committee with the following terms of reference:

  1. To develop a policy whereby all active members of the NFB:AE who have been members for at least three months prior to the meeting be entitled to vote by proxy or by some comparable system, and
  2. To develop a protocol for the selected voting system including a form with guidelines as to how the voting may be exercised and
  3. To recommend a revision in the current quorum requirement for annual general meetings so as to take account of the larger number of members entitled to vote under these provisions.

Be it further resolved that this resolution be part and parcel of any overall program for the review and revision of all existing NFB:AE bylaws.