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1999-05: Senior Blind

Whereas the 1998 convention of the NFB:AE unanimously approved a resolution calling for a study of how the NFB:AE could attract more seniors into its membership andWhereas Alan Neville's report on this matter concludes with the following recommendations:

  1. That the President strike a three person standing committee on senior issues.
  2. That the Chairman of the committee be a member of the board of directors.
  3. That two members of the committee be themselves "seniors", that the chair be a senior if possible and that both genders be represented on the committee.
  4. The terms of reference of the committee should be designed to enable them to meet the following objects:
    • To send a clear and ongoing message to the blind community that the NFB:AE welcomes blind seniors either as active or supporting members and affirms that their unique needs and interests will be respected.
    • That issues effecting senior blind will be identified and acted upon in the same way as those in the employable age and children's groups.
    • The proportion of seniors in the NFB:AE should increase to at least 35% within the next two years.

Be it resolved that these recommendations be referred to the President for implementation. Be it further resolved that the "Senior Issues Committee" submit a progress report to the next annual general meeting of the NFB:AE.

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