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1999-08: Banking Machines

Whereas after careful study and development audible bank machines are a reality, and

Whereas audible bank machines are currently operating successfully in several locations throughout Canada, and

Whereas access to banking through automated banking machines is being pushed by the banks as a replacement for traditional means, and

Whereas access to one's own funds is a basic right. then

Be it resolved that:

  1. The NFB:AE call on all banks, credit unions and trust companies to implement the existing audible banking technology in all new installations and develop plans to retrofit all current locations where appropriate in accordance with Canadian human rights laws;
  2. That the board of directors is authorised, if sufficient funds are available, to commence legal proceedings under provincial human rights legislation, the Canadian Human Rights Act or the courts against any bank, credit union or trust company which refuses to implement this resolution; 
  3. That the board of directors shall advise all of the affected banks, credit unions and trust companies of the substance of this resolution.
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