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1999-15: Documenting Jobs Done by the Blnd in Canada

Whereas the National Federation of the Blind, Advocates for Equality (NFB:AE) is an organization dedicated to helping the blind help themselves; and whereas the unemployment rate among blind Canadians is approximately 90%; therefore be it resolved that

  1. Funding be sought to document the jobs blind people in Canada are currently performing and
  2. Funding be sought to support research into extensive interviews of employers who currently hire blind workers to determine the employability skills they seek and
  3. Funding be sought to develop and provide seminars for prospective employers to educate them with respect to the capabilities of blind workers and
  4. Funding be sought to support an extensive review of the federal and provincial Employment Equity Acts and such other applicable legislation with a view to strengthening them so that equal access to employment may become a reality for the blind.
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