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2000-03: Convention Sponsorships

Whereas members of the NFB:AE may request funding to attend conferences on behalf of the organization from time to time; and
whereas the group wishes to put funds to good use by making all documentation at the conference is made available to the organization and it's members.

Be it resolved. That…

  1. Any individual who receives funding to attend a conference from the NFB:AE be required to submit a report to the board of directors within thirty days of the date of the conference summarizing what transpired at the conference.
  2. To provide the corporation all of the pertinent documentation available at the conference that is relevant.
  3. To write and submit an article to be published in the Canadian Blind Monitor within 90 days of the end of the conference for which funding was granted.
  4. To submit all receipts to the national office within thirty days of the conference.
  5. This resolution applies to all conferences except NFB:AE meetings.

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