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2000-12: Universal tactile symbol for Genetically altered foods

Whereas delegates around the world have been discussing labelling genetically modified foods with information for the sighted and recent U.N. conference in Ottawa ended without a formal decision and

Whereas the tactile solutions to identify hazardous materials by using a tactile symbol in the shape of a triangle is currently in use in Europe. for the benefit of the blind, and

Whereas the blind consumer in his or her own household may be able to identify and choose whether or not to use the genetically modified food and

Whereas using a tactile symbol to identify genetically modified food would provide a valuable service to blind and sighted consumers around the world regardless of their language or literacy skills,

now therefore be it resolved.

That The NFB; AE advocate that a tactile symbol be used to identify genetically modified foods as a matter of right and public health and safety and

Be it further resolved that this organization support a proposal for a tactile symbol to be used in an appropriate location on products to identify genetically modified foods and

Be it further resolved that this support be expressed to the U.N. commission on food standards CODEX Elementarious or any other association that may address a specific issue of labelling of genetically modified foods