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2000-15: Removes barriers

Whereas the NFB:AE believes firmly in removing the barriers that inhibit or prevent blind, low vision and deaf -blind Canadians from participating fully in all aspects of Canadian life, and

Whereas deaf-blind Canadians require intervener services in order to communicate or participate fully in community life and

Whereas members of the NFB:AE believe in an adequate range of publicly funded intervener services should be available to those deaf-blind individuals who require them, and

Whereas at present the level of intervener services is woefully inadequate to meet the identified needs of those who are deaf blind Canadians,

Now therefore be it resolved.

1. The NFB:AE calls upon all levels of government to expand the level of publicly funded intervener services for deaf blind Canadians, and

2. The NFB:AE work collaboratively with other groups to implement the substance of this resolution.