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2001-06: Meeting of Blind and Vision-Impaired National Consumer Groups

WHEREAS the NFB:AE has established itself and is widely acknowledged as a leader in the blind, vision-impaired and deaf-blind consumer movement in Canada; And,

WHEREAS the NFB:AE does not at present have representation from all parts of Canada; and,

WHEREAS many other organizations "of" blind, vision-impaired and deaf blind consumers are active in various parts of Canada; and,

WHEREAS, A concerted and unified approach by such organizations "of" blind, vision-impaired and deaf-blind Canadians could more effectively deal with many of the issues and problems currently confronting blind and vision-impaired Canadians in their effort to gain full citizenship and equal opportunities;

Now therefore, be it resolved by the NFB:AE at its 2001 Conference, that,

  1. The NFB:AE, during the next year, invite all consumer groups "of" blind, vision-impaired and deaf-blind Canadians to a national strategy meeting; The meeting would last one or two days, the details of which to be worked out through joint consultation with all invitees.
  2. That each organization send one or two delegates to this meeting.
  3. That organizations be encouraged to seek funding to participate in these proceedings.