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2001-09: NFB:AE Annual Conference Location to be determined 2 years prior to the event

WHEREAS the increase in time from one year to two years will help smaller chapters to host the event without overly burdening the chapters' finances or human resources, and

WHEREAS the increase in time will permit the host chapter to solicit funds from Companies the at choose the charities that they wish to support early in the year prior to the year of the event, and

WHEREAS some members may be required by their employers to book their holidays early in the year of the conference, and

WHEREAS the conference details such as accommodation costs) speakers, topics of discussion and so forth could be planned and published well in advance, and

WHEREAS with the details available the chapters may receive early commitment from the member's interested in attending, and

WHEREAS this early commitment from attendees would also assist the host chapter with their final preparations, and

WHEREAS having the details and commitments confined early, more emphasis could be placed on soliciting press coverage of the issues that the conference may address,

now therefore be it RESOLVED by the National Federation of The Blind, Advocates for Equality that the decision for the location of the yearly conference be determined two years in advance of the conference date, and

BE IT RESOLVED that the tentative details of the bi-annual conference such as the theme if there is one, the potential speakers list, accommodation location and costs be published 5 (five) months prior to the event.