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2002-05: Internet Guidelines

WHEREAS Many internet lists such as nfbcan-l have guidelines to inform people on proper list conduct and

WHEREAS Members of the NFB:AE board of directors felt that nfbcan-l should have a general policy of accepted procedure and protocols,

BE IT RESOLVED By the National Federation of the Blind: Advocates for Equality THAT the following guidelines passed by the board of directors after the 2001 AGM be ratified by the membership at this time.

Listserve Guidelines

To All Listserve subscribers

The National Federation of the Blind Advocates for Equality of Canada would like to extend a warm welcome to our listserve members, especially newcomers.

We would like to review some simple guidelines and suggestions for maintaining a responsible and informative environment on the list. The purpose of this listserve is to provide a service for our members and friends so that we might; communicate with one another more readily across the miles, become better informed about NFB:AE activities, better understand the overall field of blindness, and share our ideas for how to create a more inclusive society.

This list is maintained by Ken Westlake, at our National office in Kelowna, BC There is no official moderator, therefore, we would ask you, in consideration of the various kinds of equipment and capabilities of our listserve members, to; Never send attachments

To reply to messages use minimum trailers or create a new message but include a reference about the message to which you are replying. Make sure that the subject line of the message is relevant to its content.

Complete your message with your name.

When forwarding articles of information to the list be sure that the information is relevant to the purpose of this list. For more personal messages please post them privately.

When discussing an issue or organisation policy be sure that you have the facts before posting or replying.

We encourage honest discussion and debate but ask you to refrain from judgmental sniping or personal accusations. Everyone is entitled to their views or opinions on any issue that we may discuss but we must maintain a focus on the issue and not the person.

Remember that any views or opinions expressed on this list do not necessarily reflect actual policies of NFB:AE nor necessarily the views of the majority of the members who are not on this list.

If you should have technical difficulties posting to this listserve or if you should need advice on how to improve your technical capabilities with this listserve please E-mail or call Ken Westlake at the NFB:AE e office.
Telephone: 1 800-561-4774

Information for subscribing new participants is as follows

Leave subject line blank
In body of message type
Subscribe nfbcan-l
On the second line type the word: end

Then send.

To all listserve members and friends we say to you, "Share our Vision Join Our Cause"


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