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2002-07: Voting at Membership Meetings

Whereas all members of the NFB:AE are unable to attend membership meetings for geographic, health and financial reasons; and

Whereas a goal of the NFB:AE is to facilitate membership participation at membership meetings; and

Whereas some members of NFB:AE have expressed dissatisfaction with the current proxy system as the sole voting system to be used when members may not attend a membership meeting:

Be it resolved as follows:

  1. That the board of directors of NFB:AE shall form a committee to consider alternative voting systems to be used at membership meetings.
  2. The committee shall be provided appropriate funding to meet and to research this matter by considering all reasonable alternatives to or additions to the current proxy voting system.
  3. That the committee shall submit its report at the 2003 membership meeting of the NFB:AE and arrange for the submission of all necessary by-law amendments required in accordance with the organization's by-laws.