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2003-07: UN Convention

WHEREAS people with disabilities in every country of the world experience civil, political, economic, social and cultural discrimination, in breach of the values expressed by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and

WHEREAS there are hundreds of millions of men, women and children with disabilities world wide, touching the lives of everyone on the planet; and

WHEREAS, people with disabilities are often the lowest priority of governments and societies and excluded from the political instruments that make decisions on their behalf; and

WHEREAS the lack of access to employment, adaptive equipment, transportation, education, buildings and forced institutionalization create societal segregation of people with disabilities in all nations; and

WHEREAS no society can legitimately claim to be free and democratic when the members of any group are systematically denied equality and respect of their human rights; and

WHEREAS there is an overwhelming need for the development of a specialized international human rights convention for people with disabilities:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the NFB:AE: endorse the DPI Sapporo Declaration and join the countless other organizations of persons with disabilities around the world in calling for the development of a specialized international human rights convention for people with disabilities which enshrines the full range of human rights issues specific to this global population;

Call for active participation by all countries in the development of this convention;

Call for a commitment to international, regional and national partnerships between the organizations of persons with disabilities and countries to ensure that the drafting of the convention is accomplished with the full participation of people with disabilities, including participation on official state delegations to future Ad Hoc and Regional Meetings;

Call for special attention to the inclusion of the most marginalized groups in the convention process;

Call for a global effort to ensure that existing international law and policies are fully implemented with respect to people with disabilities;

Call for the active support of the Government of Canada in promoting the development of such a specialized Convention, including the holding of hearings on the Convention by the Sub-Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities of the House of Commons' Standing Committee on Human Resources Development;

Call for the inclusion of people with disabilities from the disability rights movement in the official Canadian delegation that will participate in regional and Ad Hoc Committee meetings.

and be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be widely distributed, including the Government of Canada, CCD, DPI, the World Blind Union (WBU), the Secretary General of the United Nations and other national and international organizations as deemed appropriate.