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2003-08: Expansion of Mentoring Programme

WHEREAS the objects of the NFB:AE include:

1. to serve as a vehicle for self improvement by the blind and
2. to be a mechanism to improve the quality of life of the blind and
3. to be a means by which blind adults can share experiences and act as mentors for blind children and parents; and

WHEREAS RESOLUTION 99-25 was passed by the membership to establish a mentorship program for children; and

WHEREAS adults may also benefit from the mentorship program; and

WHEREAS the board of directors passed a motion to expand the mentorship program to include adults; and

WHEREAS the interests of the mentor and mentee must be protected;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the membership ratifies the board of director's motion: that the mentorship program be expanded to include adults; and

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that a mentor must become a member of the NFB:AE, complete and sign an application and consent/confidentiality form and complete the most extensive criminal record check available every three years, the cost of which to be covered by the NFB:AE; and

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that the board determines the policy or criteria by which a mentor is accepted into the program and the circumstances under which a mentoring relationship may be terminated; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that an adult mentee or guardian(s) of a juvenile mentee must complete and sign an application/confidentiality form.

Be it further resolved database be created with members' skills and areas of expertise to assist in the process of matching mentor and mentee.

Be it further resolved that a training manual be developed for all individuals planning to be mentors to blind adults and children.

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