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2003-16: CNIB

Whereas, CNIB is developing a new strategic plan for the next five years; and

Whereas, blind consumers have long called for meaningful representation and input into the operation of this service provider; and

Whereas, members of the NFB:AE believe that consumers have the right to be directly involved in the development of all programmes and policies that may affect the overall quality of their life; and

Whereas, CNIB is seeking input from various stakeholders, including the NFB:AE, concerning said strategic plan;

Be it resolved that the NFB:AE make a presentation to the committees implementing this new strategic plan. This presentation should cover the following topics:

a) majority control of all CNIB decision-making bodies by blind Canadians;

b) recognition of the inherent right of blind consumers to speak for themselves especially in the areas of advocacy and the development of public policy;

c) a more equitable share in the resources between service providing and consumer organizations;

d) Other topics as submitted by membership for consideration.