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2003-18: National Assistive Devices Programme

Whereas, the membership present at the Montreal 2003 Convention identified the need for a national Assistive Devices Program as a priority; and

Whereas, several Provinces do not have assistive devices funding programs for the general population of Blind, Vision Impaired, and Deaf-blind people

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the members of the NFB:AE gathered in convention in Montreal set up a steering committee to research the development of a national assistive devices program. The committee's tasks should include:

1. To work with other organizations like CCB to develop a strategy for implementing a provincial national program.

2. To do research on other cost sharing government programs that might be emulated such as the VRDP Agreement

3. To work towards having governments agree to have an inter-governmental meeting to implement a national program that augments existing equipment funding programs.

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