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2004-06: Resolution to change Organization's Logo

Whereas, the current name of the Organization National Federation of the Blind: Advocates for Equality (NFB:AE) may be changing; and

Whereas, the current graphic associated with the Organization's logo, a set of scales balanced on the point of a sword with a maple leaf on the blade, surrounded by the NFB:AE's name within a ring, is not very recognizable or easily marketable; and

Whereas, a new graphic design has been created, A red maple leaf with a keyhole in it, with an old fashioned key slightly to the right of it--over to the left, above and partially behind the capital letters NFB:AE, with the slogan "The Key to Equality" directly below; the words are in white, the key is gray and the maple leaf is red;

Be it resolved that, regardless of the membership's decision regarding the name change, this new graphic design be adopted and that it replace the existing logo.


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