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2004-07: Resolution on WBU, ratifying Board position

Whereas, the membership of the NFB:AE passed Resolution 99-12, which provided for:

"1. The membership of the NFB:AE asks the Board of directors to investigate all of the steps that would be required to obtain observer status and/or a seat on the World Blind Union;

Provided that the above process is not inordinately difficult or expensive, the Board of Directors should take whatever steps are necessary to enable the NFB:AE to apply for observer status or for a permanent seat on the WBU such that the NFB:AE has the same representation as the other organizations referred to in the preamble to this resolution;" and

Whereas, Boards of the NFB:AE have sought and obtained Associate Status within the North America-Caribbean Region of the WBU for our organization; and

Whereas, members of the NFB:AE believe that our organization should focus the bulk of its activities on issues that will affect the lives of blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadians;

Therefore, be it resolved that:

The NFB:AE retain its current Associate Membership Status;

Due to costs associated with participating fully in the WBU, the NFB:AE not seek full membership in the World Blind Union.

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