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2005-25: Hybrid Cars

Whereas, Blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted people use the sound of traffic to travel independently and safely in the world; and

Whereas, Vehicles powered by batteries or fuel cells and vehicles powered by a combination of conventional gas engines and electricity, known as hybrid cars, are frequently not detectable by the human ear until the vehicle is within inches of the listener; and

Whereas, As quiet vehicles reach a critical mass on the streets, action must be taken to ensure that they emit a noise while in operation or that other solutions are found so that all pedestrians can continue to move safely among such cars and so that such cars are detectable by blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted pedestrians to ensure their ability to move safely and independently using non-visual techniques;

Therefore, be it resolved that the AEBC advocate and educate the regulatory authorities and car manufacturers so that they will jointly initiate research, along with other stakeholder organizations, to investigate the effect of quiet cars on blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted pedestrians, with the aim of proposing a solution to the problem.