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2006-10: AEBC Volunteer of the Year Award

Whereas, the work of volunteers is rarely praised or rewarded; and

Whereas, the AEBC Board wishes to honour those people who give of their time to the work of the organization;

Therefore be it resolved that the members ratify the following decision taken by the AEBC Board: "That the AEBC Volunteer of the Year Award be created, to be presented at each year's AGM or Conference, to a member who has made a significant volunteer contribution to the work of the AEBC in the previous calendar year; a request for nominees would be part of the January/February Activity Report, with names and supporting information to be submitted to the National Secretary by March 15; The Board members, Chapter Presidents and Committee Chairs would each vote for two nominees, rating them as first and second choices, with the final decision to be made by April 15 so that the award could be presented at the next AGM, Conference or Chapter meeting. If a person holds more than one office, he/she would only have one vote in the process."