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2006-11: Needs Study Response

Whereas, in 2003, the former NFB:AE submitted a grant proposal to HRDC to organize a National Conference that would bring together representatives from organizations of blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadians, to provide a forum to identify issues of common concern; and

Whereas, though the proposal was rejected, developing a closer working relationship among consumer organizations remains a priority for the AEBC today; and

Whereas, the findings of the afore mentioned Report clearly warrant close examination, as to the underlying reasons that have resulted in so little progress for blind Canadians In 30 years;

Therefore, be it resolved that AEBC:

1. Declare the findings of the national Needs Study represent an indictment of Canada's service system for Canadians, who are blind and partially sighted;
2. Establish as a priority the research and development of a workable alternative model of service delivery towards which some resources and staff time will be allocated;
3. Bring forward the findings and recommendations for discussion at the 2007 conference; and
4. Make every effort to find funding in order to invite key representatives from other consumer organizations and individuals to participate in this process.