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2007-05: Service Animal Definitions

Whereas, the Coalition of Assistance Dog Organizations--CADO has adopted the following definitions for the terms "Service Animals" and "Assistance Dogs"; and

Whereas, it is important to distinguish between service animals and those animals that provide their owners with comfort, protection or personal defence, with respect to laws and regulations;

Be it resolved that the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians take note of the following terminology and definitions, and that an effort be made to utilize them either individually or collectively in all future briefs, presentations, and correspondence where applicable:

1. Assistance dogs include: guide dogs that guide individuals who are legally blind or deaf-blind; hearing dogs that alert individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to specific sounds; and service dogs for individuals with disabilities other than blindness or deafness. Service dogs are trained to perform a variety of physical tasks including but not limited to pulling a wheelchair, lending balance support, picking up dropped objects or providing assistance in a medical crisis."
2. Service animal means an assistance dog, and may include other animals specifically trained to perform physical tasks to mitigate an individual's disability.