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2007-14: Service Provision

Whereas, resolution 2006-11, adopted at the 2006 AEBC Annual General Meeting in Kelowna, states in part:

"Establish as a priority the research and development of a workable alternative model of service delivery towards which some resources and staff time will be allocated"

; and

Whereas, the AEBC has received a grant to develop and demonstrate an alternate delivery model for the provision of Low Tech Assistive Devices in British Columbia;

Be it resolved that the AEBC

1. reaffirm our original focus on advocacy and public awareness;
2. pursue pilot projects to demonstrate alternative service delivery models that are driven by blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadian consumers;
3. advocate for the implementation of demonstrated best practices by government and service providers; and
4. pursue funding to establish and demonstrate standards for and requirements of those individuals who train blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadians to use assistive technologies.

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