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2008-03: Identification Pins and Symbols

Whereas, there are several types of recognized identification pins and symbols used for persons with partial sight in Canada and around the world; and

Whereas, these recognized pins and symbols are used to promote awareness of one's low vision; and

Whereas, these recognized pins and symbols are sometimes worn separately or in conjunction with the use of a white cane; And

Whereas, AEBC believes education and awareness of the needs of persons with partial sight is important;

Therefore Be it resolved that:

1. Resolution 2003-03:

"BE IT RESOLVED THAT the NFB:AE become involved in increasing awareness of the Checkered Eye symbol and its meaning, by means of existing publications, press releases, word of mouth, and every other means available to them, without undue expense"

be repealed.

2. AEBC support the many recognized pins and symbols used by partially sighted members for identification, education, and awareness.

Be it further resolved that support means acceptance, in general, of said recognized pins and symbols and does not mean assistance in promotion of any one pin or symbol.

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