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2008-06: Furthering Human Rights

Whereas, Resolution 2003-07 endorsed the DPI Sapporo Declaration and joined countless other organizations of persons with disabilities around the world in calling for the development of a specialized international human rights convention for people with disabilities which enshrines the full range of human rights issues specific to this global population; and

 Whereas, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities has been developed and signed by the Government of Canada; and


 Whereas, Canada needs to continue to show its leadership by ratifying the Convention;

 Therefore, be it resolved that: 

1. Members of The Alliance for  Equality of blind  Canadians call upon the Government of Canada to fast-track discussions with the provinces and territories so that Canada fully ratifies this new Convention;  and  
2. Members of the AEBC strongly urge that, following signing, federal, provincial and territorial governments take  new  steps to implement the provisions of this Convention, including increasing the involvement of rightsholder organisations such as the AEBC in developing new programs, policies and legislation to further the inclusion of persons with various disabilities in the life of our communities and of the  world .