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2009-05: Clearing House

Whereas, Access to information is a fundamental right of all Canadians; and


Whereas, The provision of materials in multiple formats is not an appropriate charitable activity; and


Whereas, An Electronic Clearinghouse for multiple format production is intended to enable publishers to make their electronic files available quickly and securely to producers of multiple formats; and


Whereas, . In 2000, the Task Force on Access to Information for Print Disabled Canadians recommended that the Government of Canada establish and fund a clearinghouse for e-text to which Canadian publishers make their works available;


Therefore, be it resolved that:


1. If a Clearing House for multiple format production is created, it  Must not absolve publishers and/or copyright owners from their obligations to make their works available directly to the public in multiple format versions; and


2. Any Clearing House for multiple format production must be administered and run directly by a government body.

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