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2009-09: Membership in the World Blind Union

Whereas, the membership of the AEBC (then the NFB:AE) passed Resolution 99-12, which provided for:


"The membership of the NFB:AE asks the Board of directors to investigate all of the steps that would be required to obtain observer status and/or a seat on the World Blind Union.  Provided that the above process is not inordinately difficult or expensive, the Board of Directors should take whatever steps are necessary to enable the NFB:AE to apply for observer status or for a permanent seat on the WBU such that the NFB:AE has the same representation as the other organizations referred to in the preamble to this resolution." and


Whereas, the AEBC has maintained associate member status pursuant to Resolution 2004-07 because there was no cost to the organization; and


Whereas, the World Blind Union at its 2008 meeting adopted a new fee structure that would require organizations in countries such as Canada to pay $500 each year for observer status;


Therefore, be it resolved that the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians not retain its associate membership status in the World Blind Union at this point in time due to the cost.

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