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2009-10: Group vs. individual advocacy

Whereas, consumers are rights  holders and not  merely  stakeholders;


Whereas, consumer organizations consist primarily of rights holders; and


Whereas, rights  holders believe strongly  in  the concept of " nothing about us without us".


Therefore , Be it resolved that the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, an organization of rights holders, take a stance that consumer organizations made up of rights holders  maintain our right to advocate on behalf of ourselves;


be it  further  resolved that the AEBC take the position that no service organization should play the lead role in advocating on our behalf in legislation, Government policy, and\or group issues  as this is the rightful role for rights holder organizations;


Be it further resolved that rights holder organizations must be adequately resourced to ensure they will be able to play their rightful role; and


be it further resolved that service and consumer organizations  continue to advocate for and on behalf of individuals.