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2010-01: Removing Supporting Members

Whereas, AEBC will, in the next two years, be required to continue under and comply with the requirements of new non-profit governance legislation, per the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, S.C. 2009, c. 23; and

Whereas, the concept of completely "non-voting" supporting members is incompatible with the provisions of the new legislation; and

Whereas, the benefits afforded to individuals for being a "supporting member" can, through policy alone, be continued without their having formal membership status in the organization;

Therefore, be it resolved that the following amendments be made to the Bylaws of the Corporation:

1. Remove section 2(g) of the bylaws, which reads as follows:

"Supporting Member" means an individual who supports the goals, policies, objects and procedures of the Corporation but has not paid annual membership dues or does not otherwise satisfy the criteria to be an active member as set forth in these by-laws;

2. Remove the first sentence in section 7 of the bylaws, which reads:


Membership in the Corporation shall consist of active members and supporting members.

3. Remove section 11 of the bylaws as irrelevant, which reads as follows:


Any person may become a supporting member of this Corporation through procedures established at a membership meeting or by the Board of Directors.

4. Remove section 12 of the bylaws as irrelevant, which reads as follows:


Supporting members shall have all the rights and privileges of active members, except that they may not vote, move or second motions, hold office at any level, or serve on the Board of Directors. In addition, the number of supporting members may not be greater than the number of active members of the Corporation.

5. Remove the sentence, "Supporting members shall not pay dues," from section 16 of the bylaws, such that section 16 reads:


Active members may vote at any chapter, provincial or territorial affiliate or division meeting upon payment of membership dues to the applicable body;


And be it further resolved that the bylaws be sequentially renumbered in accordance with the aforementioned changes.

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