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2010-09: Canada's Foreign Aid Programs

Whereas Rebuilding Haiti following the devastating earthquake on January 12,2010, has been complicated by the cumulative effects of past hurricanes, the 2008 food crisis, environmental degradation, a violent political history, ill-conceived and poorly-conducted development efforts, political interference, and unfulfilled promises; and

Whereas Natural disasters only add to the number of persons with disabilities already living in affected countries; and

Whereas Persons with disabilities are particularly at risk during and after natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes and floods

Therefore, be it resolved that all of Canada's foreign aid efforts, whether carried out by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) or non-government organizations , take into account and ensure that they assist the particular needs of persons with disabilities in countries being assisted; and

Be it further resolved that Canada's aid programs:

1. Protect the Human Rights of Vulnerable Populations;

2. Focus on Ending Poverty.

3. Focus on programs that will empower individuals in the country being assisted, and

4. Include rights holder organizations of persons with disabilities in aid programs.