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2015-02: Clarification of Voting Rights of Chair

Whereas the Chair of meetings of the AEBC is necessarily an active, voting member of the organization,

And whereas the AEBC is a membership-driven organization,

And whereas the membership of the AEBC has traditionally permitted the Chair to vote on all questions (whether by voice vote, division, roll call, or ballot), believing that it would be improper, in the context of the AEBC, to disenfranchise the Chair;

Therefore be it resolved that Bylaw 24.3 be renumbered as Bylaw 24.4;

And be it further resolved that a new Bylaw 24.3 be inserted to read as follows:

The Chair of a members' meeting is permitted to vote on all questions that come before the assembly, including appeals (also known as "challenges to the Chair"), but is not permitted a second or determinative vote on any question.

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