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2015-10: Logo Change

Whereas some aspects of Resolution 2004-06 regarding the current graphic with the organization’s logo are deemed not very recognizable, easily marketable and is not in line where AEBC is heading strategically;

Whereas the current graphic with the organization’s logo is A red maple leaf with a keyhole in it, with an old fashioned key slightly to the right of it: over to the left, above and partially behind the capital letters NFB:AE, with the slogan "The Key to Equality" directly below, the words are in white, the key is gray and the maple leaf is red;

Whereas a new graphic design has been created, On the far left is a stylized outline of half a reddish orange maple leaf, the half maple leaf has a thin black outline around it to make the red color more dominant, the shape of the half maple leaf is designed with soft edges portraying a more modern & contemporary look and feel, to the right of the half maple leaf is the letters A E B C in large medium black font, beneath the letters A E B C in black Helvetica font is the organizations’ full name split into two lines as follows: First line ‘Alliance for Equality’ and on the second line ‘of Blind Canadians’.

Therefore be it resolved that Resolution 2004-06 be repealed and

Therefore it be further resolved that this new graphic design be adopted in both official languages and that it replace the organization’s existing logo.

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