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2015-11: Canadians with Disabilities Act

Whereas a federal act protecting persons with disabilities would apply to the Parliament of Canada as well as to all federal government entities, federally-owned public premises and facilities, federally-regulated companies and organizations, recipients of federal grants, subsidies, loans or other funds, and any other persons or organizations to whom the Government of Canada can apply it,

And whereas the objective of such an act would be to require Canada, including organizations to whom it applies, to be made fully accessible to all persons with disabilities through the removal of existing barriers and the prevention of the creation of new barriers, within strict time frames to be prescribed in the legislation or regulations;

Therefore be it resolved that the AEBC endorse the efforts of Barrier-Free Canada/Canada sans barrieres (BFC/CSB) to have drafted and implemented a federal Canadians with Disabilities Act (CDA);

And be it further resolved that the AEBC endorse the fourteen principles underlying the CDA that BFC/CSB has proposed.