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2015-12: AEBC Priorities

Whereas the AEBC requires some focus and direction to its activities; And whereas several key priorities have remained of primary interest to the membership over the past few years;

Therefore be it resolved that the AEBC engage in activities that primarily address the following needs of blind, deaf-blind, and partially sighted Canadians ("Consumers"):

a) Consumers need to be informed, educated, and have the experience and skills necessary to participate in all aspects of life, from employment to recreation;

b) Consumers need full and complete access to telecommunications services, including telephone, television, online broadcasts, and cellular telephones;

c) Consumers need to be connected, both technologically and otherwise, to their peer community;

d) Consumers need the autonomy and an environment which permits them to live their lives on their own terms, without having to rely unreasonably on others for access to information, services, or mobility;

e) Consumers need complete and independent access to information and services from publishers, from government, and from industry;

And be it further resolved that the AEBC continue to foster and form relationships and partnerships with other organizations that permit AEBC to achieve these objectives in a collaborative fashion.

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