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2015-13: Broadcasting Accessibility Fund Application

Whereas the AEBC expressed its intention to apply for program funding to the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund;

And whereas AEBC expects to be invited to submit a complete funding application to the BAF;

And whereas access to described video services for television, on-demand, and online content broadcasts remains inconsistent, unpredictable, and in many cases impossible for consumers;

Therefore be it resolved that, if invited to do so, the AEBC submit a funding application to the BAF to assess the state of DVS services in Canada;

And be it further resolved that such a project might examine, without limitation, the degree of knowledge that blind and partially sighted viewers have about descriptive video, its availability, and what options are available if it does not appear to be working; the extent to which descriptive video is truly available to Canadian viewers, from both Canadian and U.S. sources; or the impact that this has on the viewing habits of blind and partially sighted consumers.

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