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2017-04: Board, Staff and Contractors’ Confirmation of Confidentiality Adherence

Whereas, it is imperative that the members of the National Board of AEBC, as well as any staff or contractors, respect the confidentiality of the information they exchange regarding the organization in the course of their work; and

Whereas, many business entities are beginning to see the need and the good sense to require signed confirmation of confidentiality from Board members and other affected groups;

Therefore be it resolved that the membership ratify the following policy passed by the Board on January 18, 2017: that every new Board member sign the Confidentiality Agreement (contained in Resolution 2017-05), which was approved by the Board, within the first week after his/her election or appointment to the Board, and that every staff member or contractor hired from now on have this document form part of his/her contract.

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