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2017-05: Confidentiality Agreement for Resolution 2017-04

Be it resolved that the membership ratify the following Board motion: that the following form, the Confidentiality document referenced in Resolution 2017-04:


I acknowledge having received, read, and understood the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians’ (AEBC) Privacy Policy. I understand that in the course of my involvement with the AEBC, I may become privy to information which is of a confidential, proprietary, or personal nature, including but not limited to identifying and personal information with respect to members, volunteers, clients, and others who interact with or participate in AEBC activities (“Confidential Information”).

I will not divulge such information, orally or in writing, without the express consent of the individual concerned, and only to those AEBC volunteers or staff whose duties require them to have this information on a “need to know basis”. Additionally, I will take all necessary steps to keep Confidential Information secure and to protect such Confidential Information from unauthorized use, reproduction, or disclosure. At the conclusion of my tenure or as may be requested, I shall return all Confidential Information to AEBC.

I understand that this undertaking survives the termination of my volunteer, contract, or employment relationship with the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, and that the laws of the Province of British Columbia shall govern the validity, construction, and effect of this agreement.

I fully understand and accept responsibilities set above relating to personal, confidential and/or proprietary information.

Date (year/month/day):

Name of Undersigned:



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