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2017-07: Board Member’s Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

Whereas, it is imperative that the members of the National Board of AEBC declare any conflicts of interest regarding employment either with organizations and agencies providing products and services to the blind, partially sighted and deaf-blind or with companies providing blindness-specific products, as well as any volunteer positions held on boards of organizations of other blindness consumer groups; and,

Whereas, many business entities and boards of directors of non-profit organizations are beginning to adopt such a declaration of conflict policy;

Be it resolved that the membership ratify the following policy passed by the Board on August 26 2015:

That every Board member declare any conflicts of interest annually and that newly elected board members declare any conflicts within the first week after his/her election or appointment to the Board.

And be it further resolved that any conflicts of interest be declared at the commencement of each meeting of the board.