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2017-11: Rescinding Resolution 2016-03

Whereas Resolution 2016-03 imposes upon chapters a duty to pay "a levy of 5% of the gross amount" of all receipts processed by the national office on behalf of a chapter;

And whereas this resolution was adopted prior to the decision of the National Board to centralize all bank accounts, such that virtually every receipt by a chapter would trigger the payment of a 5% levy;

And whereas this was not the intent of the resolution, which at the time would have applied only to a small subset of transactions involving chapters;

Therefore be it resolved that Resolution 2016-03 be rescinded.

And be it further resolved that a refund be made of all levies collected pursuant to Resolution 2016-03 from chapters who, prior to the adoption of this proposal, have paid such levies after having transferred their cash assets to the national office.