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2017-12: Braille Literacy Canada

Whereas Resolution 1999-11 mandates that AEBC "investigate the process of becoming a corporate member" of what is now known as Braille Literacy Canada, and "to take whatever steps are necessary to enable the NFB:AE to become a corporate member ... provided that the above process is not inordinately difficult or expensive";

And whereas AEBC is not a corporate member of Braille Literacy Canada;

And whereas, as a matter of policy, AEBC is highly supportive of braille, as evidenced by Resolution 1997-03 (Right of Access to Braille), Resolution 1998-01 (Promotion of Braille Literacy), Resolution 2000-10 (Braille and large print on federal and provincial home delivered packages), Resolution 2005-23 (Braille and large print labels), Resolution 2012-04 (Promoting awareness of alternative formats), and Resolution 2013-07 (Children's braille camp);

And whereas corporate membership in BLC would provide AEBC with a voice in the future of braille in Canada;

Therefore be it resolved that Resolution 1999-11 be rescinded;

And be it further resolved that AEBC take all necessary steps to join and maintain corporate membership status in Braille Literacy Canada;

And be it further resolved that the National Board of Directors may from time to time appoint the individuals who will serve as representatives of AEBC to Braille Literacy Canada on such terms as they deem just.