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2020-04: Restructuring of AEBC

Whereas, the national board has engaged members on several occasions to try to develop a strategy to address issues with AEBC since early 2019; and
Whereas, national boards have expended an inordinate amount of time with administrative issues rather than achieving its goals over decades; and
Whereas member engagement has waned to the point that some committees and working groups have become dormant and chapters are having significant challenges in recruiting or keeping members; and
Whereas several members have expressed their frustration and concerns with AEBC, its operations, and direction; and
Whereas it is crucial that AEBC takes the necessary steps to change its structure and how it operates;
Be it resolved that within 30 days after the adjournment of the 2020 AGM, an arms-length committee shall be formed to complete the process to develop and implement a plan with the membership to restructure the corporation over the next 15 months – this process shall examine all aspects of AEBC, its operations and its structure including, but not limited to addressing members conduct; operational processes; the relationships between national, chapters and the BC affiliate; AEBC's mission statement , goals, by-laws and policies; priorities, and the scope of AEBC activities;
Be it further resolved that the committee and the membership shall consider seeking guidance and advice from external experts on restructuring the corporation; and
Be it further resolved that the committee shall seek approval of any plans to restructure AEBC, in part and/or from the members through special meetings.

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