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2020-10: AEBC Joining the Pan-Canadian Coalition

Whereas, In May of 2019, a group of organizations representing persons with disabilities gathered to explore the idea of forming a Pan-Canadian Disability Coalition (PCDC) with the thought in mind that many organizations and interested partners would join together to impress upon all levels of Government that attitudinal and systemic barriers must be removed if we have any chance of succeeding in a society where our rights are respected as Canadian Citizens; and
Whereas, Many organizations who believe this is a viable alternative to organizations attempting to advocate on their own, continued throughout the year to develop a concept of the proposed role for the Coalition with the hope of acquiring funding to put their ideas in place, as Government has expressed interest in what has been suggested so far;
Be it resolved that, notwithstanding the requirement in the Accessible Canada Act that the government consult with all Canadians with disabilities, the members of The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC) agree to continue engaging in the Pan-Canadian Disability Coalition, by assuming a leadership role as well as becoming a member organization of said Coalition as long as consumer organizations like AEBC have equal say in the direction of this new Coalition; and
Be it further resolved that should AEBC decide at any time that being a member of the Coalition is not what we expected or anticipated, we are free to relinquish our membership and disengage from the Coalition.

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