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2021-07: Bylaw Amendment to Bylaw 27.2

Whereas Bylaw 27.2 states:

Directors must:

• be an individual who is Blind, Deafblind or Partially Sighted;

• be and remain an Active Member of the Corporation;

• be over 18 years of age;

• not have been declared incapable by a court in Canada or elsewhere;

• not have the status of a bankrupt; and,

• not be an officer of an Affiliate, Division, or Chapter, unless they also hold an officer position on the national board (as those are defined in Article 29.1 of these bylaws); and

Whereas the last requirement is not well understood and therefore clarification is warranted.

Be it resolved that the last requirement be changed to read:

• In the case of the two National Director positions, not be a serving officer of an Affiliate, Division, or Chapter, with the goal of encouraging less involved members to put their names forward for National Director positions.