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2022-01: Repealing Resolution 2015-07 - Closure of Board Nominations

Whereas, Resolution 2015-07 states: “Be it resolved that a new Article 28.1 be inserted into the bylaws as follows, and the remaining sections of Article 28 renumbered accordingly:
Nominations for the election of Directors shall ordinarily be closed at 5pm local time the day prior to the election of Directors, except that:
a) in the event that there are no candidates for a particular position as of 5pm local time the day prior to the election of Directors, nominations for that position shall remain open until the time of the election of that position; and,
b) in the event that a candidate nominated for election is unsuccessful in the election for his or her position on the board, he or she may be re-nominated from the floor for another position on the board.” And
Whereas, the result of this resolution requires that the Annual General Meeting of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians be held on two consecutive days; and
Whereas, it has been proven that the business of the corporation can be successfully conducted on one day; and
Whereas, Resolution 2015-07 could result in a second day being required simply to hold an election; and
Whereas, proxies may not be allowed for all Annual General Meetings, and they were a large part of the rationale for the resolution.
Therefore be it resolved that Resolution 2015-07 be repealed and the remaining sections of Bylaw 28 be renumbered accordingly.

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