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2022-03: AEBC Position on Medical Assistance in Dying

Whereas, under the original Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) legislation, for an individual To be eligible they had to be someone:
“Who has a serious and incurable illness, disease, or disability, Who is in an advanced state of irreversible decline in capability, Who is experiencing enduring and intolerable suffering that cannot be relieved under conditions acceptable to them, and
Whose natural death has become reasonably foreseeable.” and
Whereas, Bill C-7, which received royal assent on March 17, 2021, amended the Criminal Code to permit MAID for individuals whose natural death is not reasonably foreseeable; and
Whereas, in the past year, persons with disabilities have chosen MAID as they felt they had no other options to their intolerable living circumstances; and
Whereas, the Government is helping persons with disabilities to die rather than helping them to live; and
Whereas, further revisions to MAID legislation anticipate extending eligibility to those with mental illness; and
Whereas resolution 2017-03 stated that AEBC would take a neutral position on issues regarding MAID unless the issue involved blindness; and
Whereas, an individual experiencing blindness may now be considered eligible for MAID.
Be it resolved that AEBC Continue to advocate for stronger government support services for persons with disabilities and oppose current and future revisions to MAID legislation regarding eligibility as it pertains to persons with disabilities.