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2022-08: revise resolution 2006-10 Volunteer of the Year

Whereas, the Annual General Meeting of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians will now be held in September, in order to conform with the change in Year End from December 31 to March 31; and
Whereas, there is a desire to include more members entitled to vote for the Volunteer of the Year recipient.
Be it resolved that Resolution 2006-10 be repealed and replaced by the following:
“Volunteer of the Year Award
That the AEBC Volunteer of the Year Award be continued annually;
That the award be presented at each year's AGM or Conference, to a member who has made a significant volunteer contribution to the National work of the AEBC in the previous year;
That the Board will ensure that the nominations are requested with time enough for the award to be presented at the AGM;
That nominations with names and supporting information will be submitted by members to the National Secretary;
That the National Board, Chapter and BC Affiliate Executive, standing Committee members, and the past three National Presidents, be invited to vote for two nominees, rating them as first and second choices;
That if a person holds more than one office, they would only have one vote in the process;
That the votes will be tallied by a Board-approved individual who has not been nominated; and
That a Board-approved ad hoc committee of members who have not been nominated will be struck to arrange and present the award.”

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