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Web Accessibility Statement

The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians is committed to providing a web visitor experience that is accessible and usable to everyone.  If you encounter any difficulties or have questions regarding the accessibility of the web site, please contact us for assistance.

Accessibility Features

The AEBC web site has been designed to be logical and easy to navigate.  To that end, HTML elements (such as bulleted and numbered lists, headings, and tables) are employed throughout the site to aid in navigation.

Adjustable Text Size

The size of text on the web site can be adjusted in your browser, as well as using the text size controls in the top right of each page.

Alternate Colour Scheme

Selecting the "invert colour scheme" option from the top right of each page will reverse the colour scheme for easier reading.  If you have a user account, you can select your preferred colour scheme and that choice will be permanent.


On most pages:

  • Level 1 headings are used to indicate structural elements of the page, such as the header, content, sidebar content, and footer content. 
  • Level 2 headings are used within each section for key navigation items, such as the breadcrumb trail (beginning with "you are here"), the main page title, and blocks within the sidebar.
  • Level 3 and 4 headings are used on some pages to provide further sectioning (e.g. parts of a report).

Skip Links

At the top of each page are several "skip navigation" links that will allow you to jump directly to particular parts of the page, if you are using assistive technology that does not do this for you already.

Accessible CAPTCHA Alternatives

For users who are not logged in and do not have an account, there are a few instances where a text-based, logic-oriented CAPTCHA is implemented to limit the possibility of abuse.  Users with valid, verified accounts are not subject to these CAPTCHA verifications.

HTML as Authoritative Format

Wherever possible, documents and resources are presented in HTML as part of the web site itself.  In some cases, alternative formats (such as Microsoft Word documents) may be provided. 

Adobe PDF documents are used only when necessary for the sake of printing, where retention of the visual layout or presentation of a document is important.  HTML or Microsoft Word versions of all such documents will always be provided as an alternative.


Our web site is always going, and as content is added and revised, new accessibility issues may arise.  If you encounter an accessibility issue, please contact the web team for assistance.