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Door-to-Door Fundraising

The AEBC does not currently conduct any door-to-door fundraising activities.  If you are approached at your door by someone collecting funds on our behalf, please let us know.

Local chapters may hold fundraising events in their area.

Donation Fraud

If you are approached by someone with photocopied temporary receipts, or temporary receipts which are not in a bound receipt book, please contact us immediately at 1-800-561-4774.

Unfortunately, charities are occasionally subjected to "donation fraud," whereby a person goes door-to-door, purporting to be collecting money on behalf of the charity, when they are, in fact, merely pocketing that money for their own use.  You can protect yourself from this type of fraud by asking for identification, and ensuring that the temporary donation receipt you receive is not an illegitimate photocopy. 

If you have any reason to doubt the authenticity of a solicitation, simply do not donate at the door.  Ask them for their name, and the name of their supervisor, and contact the national office directly.  You always have the option of sending a donation directly to AEBC.

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