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Accessible Information


To ensure that all blind, deaf/blind and partially sighted Canadians, have access to the information necessary to carry out the activities of daily living.

Blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted individuals are often hampered in the activities of daily living, by a lack of access to printed information, that facilitates such activities by their sighted counterparts.  Instruction manuals, digital readouts, safety advisories, recipe books, ingredients, and the reading of books, either for informative or wrecreational purposes, are but a few of the activities that blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted individuals, are at least partially or entirely unable to perform.

Need for Action

Methods must be devised, through a combination of education, legislation, and technology, to allow blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted individuals, access to the information they need to function independently, at  home, at work, socially and wrecreationally.

Proposed Solutions

Lobby the various levels of government, for changes in legislation concerning the production and distribution of books, web site materials, operating instructions for household appliances, ingredients in, and instructions for the preparation and consumption of food and drug items, information concerning transportation, and generally, any other activity of daily living.

How You Can Help

Please support the AEBC in impressing upon governments, government institutions, private and the “not for profit” sector, the importance of striving toward an eventual goal of making all commonly available types of information, equally available to blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadians.