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Library Services


To make library services across Canada, available to blind deaf-blind and partially sighted individuals, to the same extent that they are available to the sighted.

Currently, in Canada, library services for persons who are blind, deaf/blind or partially sighted, are provided primarily by a charity.  Blind, deaf/blind or partially sighted persons who wish to access a book in their format of choice, must first of all, register with the charity.  They then can choose from a very limited selection of books that have been recorded, or an even smaller selection of books that have been Brailed.  Because of the slow process of obtaining the print copy of a book, reading it through to determine subject matter, foreign language content, etc., finding an appropriate volunteer reader, and producing copies from the master, none of the available books are current.

Need for Action

Canada is currently the only G8 nation that does not fund a national library program for its blind citizens. The most recent PALS data indicates there are 3 million print handicapped Canadians, and this number is rising, as our population ages.

Proposed Solutions

  1. The Government of Canada establish a government funded, government administered, national library program for Canadians with a print disability
  2. The Government of Canada give assurances this program will receive long-term, sustainable funding;
  3. That rights holders be involved in developing and over seeing all aspects of this service.
  4. That library services be provided mainly through local public libraries, assisted by a national Clearing house;
  5. That all new production adhere to the highest standards of quality control.

How You Can Help

Please support blind Canadians by joining us to advocate for a government run and administered library system.

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